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Who is taking care of the embryo?

In today’s hatchery, hatchery managers and supervisors are very busy with many things leaving very little time to focus on the needs of the embryo. So who is taking care of the embryo at your hatchery? We will dive into this topic and hopefully bring a renewed focus to the needs of the developing embryo.

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Avida: Preventative Maintenance

Dr. Keith Bramwell welcomes JCMI Service Product Manager, Craig Harrison, to the next Chick Master Webinar Wednesday. To consistently get the best out of your Avida incubators it’s important to maintain them – Find out how as we guide you through Single-Stage Preventative Maintenance.

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Identifying and Solving Common Incubator Faults

Craig Harrison takes us through an in-depth look at how to identify and solve common mechanical and control faults on Chick Master incubators. With detailed demonstrations and examples, he will guide you on best practice for reactive maintenance for Gen3, Gen4, and ROCK controls.

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Special Event Webinar with Cobb and Aviagen

Chick Master partners join us to deliver separate presentations on incubation guidelines for their popular broiler lines.

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Hatch Window – Impacts and adjustments including calibration

Chad Daniels, Chick Master Hatchery Specialist Manager, explains the importance of the Hatch Window as a necessity for troubleshooting. Topics covered in this version of “Tech Tuesday Webinars” are: What is the Hatch Window and how can it be monitored, What can impact the Hatch Window?

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Chick Grading

Chick grading is a necessary health inspection process performed before the chicks are sent to the farm. Topics covered by our own Hedia Nasri in this version of ‘Tech Tuesday Webinars” are: How often to grade chicks, What to record, Creating a baseline, and How to correct common issues.

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Secrets to using Maestro

It is increasingly necessary to systematize processes and control them remotely. Monitoring systems such as the Advisor and Maestro allow incubation equipment and their environments to be recorded, and in doing so, provide alarm history and other additional tools. Topics covered by our own Craig Harrison on this version of ‘Tech Tuesday Webinars’ are: Ensuring you are running the latest version, How to read the generated graphs, Using the scheduler, and Why/How to utilize the alarm system.

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Hatchery Sanitation

Dr Scott McKenzie, Director of Live BioTherapeutics at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, takes us through hatchery sanitation best practice.

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Residue Breakout Analysis

Residue breakout is one of the most important quality measurements that should be done in a hatchery. This helps breeders and hatchery managers perform trouble shooting as well as result improvements. Topics covered by our own Chad Daniels in this version of “Tech Tuesday Webinars” are: Introduction to a residue breakout, How the embryo develops, and Common problems.

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Turning – What’s the Angle?

An in-depth look at the turning systems in both Classic and Avida incubators, with a focus on early indications of an issue and steps that can be taken to fix worn or broken components to regain lost functionality. Hosted by our Craig Harrison.

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Evaluating Egg Quality

Eggs are the raw material to hatch good quality and healthy chicks. Starting with an adequate egg pack will facilitate the hatch process and will also prevent field challenges. Topics covered by our own Mohamed Air Lachgar on this version of ‘Tech Tuesday Webinars’ are: Structure of an eggshell, Methods of measuring eggshell quality, Visual checks, Factors influencing shell quality from parent’s farm, and some scientific results about the impact of egg quality on hatch.

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Hatchery Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to the incubation process to optimize chick quality and to effectively manage the environmental systems that support your greatest investment — your setters and hatchers. Topics covered by our own Chad Daniels in this version of ‘Tech Tuesday Webinars’ are: Understanding embryo requirements for development, Ventilation basics, Managing room conditions, and Results from poor ventilation.

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Maintaining your Incubators

Hatchery Maintenance is a critical element that has many benefits including prolonging life of machines, reduce unscheduled downtime and increase chick quality and hatchability. Topics covered by our own Craig Harrison in this version of “Tech Tuesday Webinars” are: Calibration, Preventative maintenance, Pre-Set check list, and Fault logging.

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