Incubation Controls

ROCK Control:

  • Our best incubation control yet
  • Self-adjusting variable frequency drives on the fans
  • Modulating cooling valves that open to get just the right cooling when needed
  • Bigger color screen with touch and slide features
  • Plus more!

GeMeric 3™ Control Upgrade:

  • The newest development to upgrade your single and two-zone setters and hatchers
  • Colour touchscreen with easier navigation of icons and better visual display
  • Easy installation into existing control boxes, or wall mounted
  • Ten stage program setting for superior hatcher management
  • Plus many more new features!

GeMeric 2™ Control Upgrade:

  • Convert your thermostat based control into a probe-based system without the expense of replacing your existing control unit
  • A cost effective alternative designed for use with virtually any make of setter or hatcher
  • Available as an upgrade for Genesis III controls in Classic Setters and VF/CVH Hatchers

Genesis IV Control:

  • A PLC and true PID algorithms power the most advanced incubation control in the market
  • It features a color touch-screen interface for intuitive, easy control

Gen II plus/Gen III plus Control Upgrade:

  • Control upgrade for Genesis II and Genesis III Setters and Hatchers

Genesis M (GeM) Control:

  • Designed for Multi-Stage Classic Setters and related hatchers, the GeM control is a user-friendly, economical control option