Zeus Ventilation Controller

The Zeus Ventilation Controller is an advanced control platform that enables the proper climate in all areas of the hatchery. It maintains static pressure, temperature and humidity on a very narrow band that ensures an ideal incubation environment and optimal chick quality. The easy-to-use and install Zeus can be integrated through the Maestro Hatchery Management System for full visibility and control of the entire hatchery process.

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  • temperature controlled incubator
  • incubator temperature controller
  • Advanced temperature control with true PID maintains a narrow range of consistent pressure, temperature and humidity for ideal incubation conditions
  • PLC-based control with a touch screen interface enables system access review from any room and any touch screen
  • Connectivity with Maestro offers fully-integrated hatchery management
  • User-friendly intuitive screens and easy to install allows upgrading of existing controls simple and economical