The CC3 Climate Control System is the perfect ventilation system to create an ideal environment for incubation systems. The CC3 saves energy through its intelligent control of temperature and pressure, along with its advanced heat recovery function. Not only is the CC3 simple to install and operate, but its compact, standalone design saves on building space, installation, engineering and maintenance.

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  • hatchery HVAC
  • Complete climate control system manages temperature, humidity and static pressure, ensuring optimal results from the incubation systems
  • Heat Recovery System Saves energy and money by utilizing heat energy from the incubation process to warm up or dehumidify ambient air for optimal hatchability
  • Integrated chilled water distribution system with variable speed motors delivers the correct cold water flow to the incubation systems while saving energy
  • Outdoor location saves on building space and eliminates the need for a mechanical room and enables single point maintenance
  • Receiving all major components in a single package reduces installation costs and reduces the need to hire an engineering firm

One intelligent climate control system. One central outdoor location. Countless benefits. Much more than just an HVAC system. It’s an intelligent investment and peace of mind.