Alarm System

Increase security in your hatchery by adding the Hatchery Alarm OrAlarm Module to the Maestro Communication System

General Accessories

RC2 Resonance Calibration Kit:
Keep your setters and hatchers reading temperatures accurately with the easy-to-use wireless Calibration Device. Eliminate the need to send control components for calibration.

A valuable tool for managing your profiles, Tempo will monitor eggshell temperature in real time. Available with all Avida Symphony setters.

Mercury-Free Independent Over Temperature Alarm:
A “normally active” device that deactivates when an over temperature condition occurs and eliminates the need to use mercury thermostats

Data Loggers:
Data Loggers record temperature, humidity and motion conditions of the incubation process for further analysis and traceability

View the operational status of your setters and hatchers at-a-glance without having to set foot in the room.

Fan Board Safety Power Cut Off:
Improve worker safety when performing fan and heater maintenance with a mercury-free lever arm limit switch that cuts power completely to the fan motor and heater.

Break Glass System:
The Break Glass system gives you assurance that your hatcher will do everything it can to protect your valuable chicks for as long as possible while it waits for your team to fix the problem.


Trolleys, Trays and Baskets

Chick Master trolleys and hatcher dollies have an aluminum frame, making them lightweight, easy to maneuver and long-lasting.  They resist rust and are easy to load, clean, and turn. Chick Master trays and hatcher baskets are lightweight, durable and suitable for automation.

Chick Master offers an extensive range of setter trays from 36, 54, 82 and 165 chicken eggs (Additional models available) We also offer trays for turkeys and duck eggs. Our trays have a gentle cup that holds the egg firmly, allowing for efficient airflow around the egg and avoid breakage.

Hatcher Baskets
Hatcher baskets are designed for maximum airflow during the entire hatch cycle. They are easy to handle, stack, clean, and wash.

Chick Master offers an extensive range of setter trolleys for Avida and Classic setters.