Another successful VIV Asia

Thank you to everyone for stopping at our booth during VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was great to meet so many wonderful people and showcase our growing team of service and sales for the Asian market! We look forward to establishing long lasting partnerships and friendships as we provide you with the high quality, best value and energy efficient Chick Master incubation and ventilation equipment you have come to expect.

We’ve Been Busy . . .

Dear Friends,

We have been very busy and working tirelessly on customer service improvements. Last week marks the first Sales Meeting that Chick Master hosted that brought together all of our Sales Managers, Service Engineers, Hatchery Specialists, Sales Coordinators, our facility management and executives to our Medina branch. We’re listening and our focus is YOU.

During the week event, we covered products updates, marketing and sales goals for the upcoming year, reviewed new product innovation underway, the breakdown of how we are going to increase our inventory, educated our new team members on the incubation and ventilation process. We had our veteran sales managers give an overview to all regarding their specific territories. It was overwhelming to hear some of the feedback but what came out of it was a team bonding together and coming to the conclusion that the decisions we make as a company has to be directly linked to the feedback from you, our valued customers and friends.

You’ve requested many things, and now we are being proactive to insure that we are meeting your needs. Of course, this is a massive transformation for our company, which is why we are all working together and using our global presence and relationships with our many territory agents to bring Chick Master to a new life while incorporating the core values of the past with the needs of our current customers and friends.

We have a lot to show you and would like the opportunity to introduce you to the many new faces that have recently joined our ever growing Chick Master team. Please join us at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) on Feb. 12th, 2019.

Best Regards,

Federico Sanchez
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Chick Master Transitions Representation in Indonesia

Dear Valued Chick Master Customer,

Effectively immediately, Chick Master will transition representation in Indonesia to PT ADA (Berdikari Group). PT ADA will operate as our exclusive agent for all Chick Master products sold and serviced within the Republic of Indonesia.

While we have a long history in the country with PT Gemilang Group, we feel that this is the appropriate direction to take. We do appreciate the history of hard work and effort that PT Gemilang has given in developing the market but the time for change has come.

Our goal of course is to support you, our customers, and insure that you are properly supported and your needs are properly met. We anticipate this to be a smooth and seamless transition to the new local representation.

PT ADA is a solid company with tier-one product lines and a solid professional technical staff to support all installations and on-site troubleshooting. Chick Master will certainly invest the time and resources in training and developing PT ADA’s team to professionally service our important customers in the Indonesian marketplace.

We also wish to thank you for your many years of loyalty and support and look forward to continuing our long history together.  Should you require immediate attention please contact Mr. Deddy Kurnia at +62-8111-923-636 or at PT ADA. If you have questions regarding this decision please contact Chick Master representative David Buessing at +1-415-755-7670 or

Finally, please allow us to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays and together a very happy and productive New Year!

With Warm Regards,

Nate Goodnow, President
Chick Master Incubator Company

Hatch Queen Celebrate the Successful Inauguration of their New Hatchery

Congratulations to Hatch Queen for the successful inauguration of their new hatchery situated in Bicol, Philippines. The new facility that sets 1 million eggs per week features Chick Master’s Avida Symphony setters and hatchers with ROCK controls.

The hatchery was built as a toll facility for San Miguel Foods and is owned by Ms. Joy Tamayo who also owns several ice plants, processing plants and broiler farms in the Philippines.

The key to a successful hatchery is a proven incubation system that works in conjunction with good ventilation. Hatch Queen have achieved that goal by adding the easy to maintain and reliable CC3 (Climate Control System) that recaptures heat from the incubators while managing temperature, pressure and humidity to create the ideal room conditions. The net result is a better quality chick produced at a lower cost.

We thank Hatch Queen and owner Ms. Joy Tamayo for their continued partnership with Chick Master and wish them every success with their new hatchery.

Demo Machines now on Display at UK Factory

We are now proud to display our Gen IV and ROCK control Symphony Setters at our Bridgwater UK factory.

This was a good opportunity for our new UK Service Engineer Ian Greenfield to familiarize himself with the construction and operation of our latest single stage machines.

Avida Academy – Another Successful Chick Master Training Event

This year’s Avida Academy brought together a great group of Chick Master customers from 11 different countries worldwide.

Hosted at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Cleveland, our friends were able to take in and explore all the amazing attractions of Cleveland after participating in hands-on workshops and training opportunities that were specifically designed to assist them in operating their Chick Master Avida systems to their optimal performance.

Please visit our Facebook page to see more pictures.

Another Chick Master Expansion at 3F Viet

This will be the third time 3F Viet has expanded their facility since 2015. With 4 more Classic machines and 4 Avida Hatchers we are pleased to be part of this ever growing company’s success.

Residing in Vietnam, their mission is to offer the whole country the healthiest products. They have spent the last couple of years investing in technology, implementing new techniques and actively researching ways to achieve the ideal environment and processes to provide true quality with their “FRESH CHICKEN”. Their dedication and commitment to the health of their customers is extremely evident in everything they do.

Improvements to UK production of CC3 and Aria ventilation systems

To keep up with the increased demand for our ventilation systems we have made vast improvements to the efficiency and layout of our UK production. With nearly 100 systems installed worldwide, the CC3 and Aria are proven solutions for hatchery ventilation while significantly reducing energy costs.

Speak to one of our sales representatives to find out more.

DABACO Grows in Vietnam

Vietnam is a growing market as the economy expands with more consumers demanding protein. Dabaco recognized that opportunity several years ago when they invested into broiler production. They started with a broiler hatchery using Chick Master Avida incubation systems and have now expanded into the production of parent stock.

This new hatchery is about to start up using the Hatchery in Harmony concept. They have installed Avida Symphony incubators with our latest ROCK controls and included a CC3-5400 to better manage the hatchery environment.

The hatchery which is in its final stages of construction is going to be an excellent facility with all the right ingredients to produce high quality breeding stock. Congratulations to Dabaco on this new hatchery and for their selection of Chick Master systems.

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