Mar-Jac Poultry Rocks with New Hatchery

The planning of a new hatchery takes time and involves many choices. When Mar-Jac Poultry decided on its new hatchery in Alabama, they selected our Avida Symphony 24-trolley setters holding 126,000 eggs and our two-zone Avida hatchers each with 63,000 egg capacity. Both setters and hatchers include our latest ‘ROCK’ controls.

When the hatchery was in the planning stages we were still in the development stage of our new ROCK control. Originally the decision was to use our Genesis IV controls that have been used on our equipment for many years. After completing our testing, we showed the Mar-Jac team the benefits that ROCK has to offer. Many months later, the hatchery is in the installation phase and these new setters and hatchers are being built for production later in 2017. Bill Boden, Service Manager for ChickMaster, commented, “We have been planning this for many months and the Mar-Jac team have been great to work with. We have our technicians working on-site daily and also support the installation team with different people from engineering. This is a really big hatchery and we want to meet the expectations and trust that Mar-Jac has placed in ChickMaster.”  

Lou Sharp, Vice President for North American Sales, stated, “We have a number of new hatcheries and expansions worldwide being built this year with Avida Symphony setters and hatchers with ROCK controls. I was impressed how quickly our customers decided to embrace this new technology and I am excited to see the Mar-Jac hatchery being built. It will be one of, if not the, most modern hatchery in the US once it is completed.” 

We thank Mar-Jac for their many years of support of ChickMaster and its decision to build a Hatchery in Harmony with Avida Symphony incubation systems.