Jadeed Farms, Pakistan, Inaugurates New Grandparent Hatchery

Jadeed Farms, one of Pakistan’s leading poultry companies, has completed an important step of expansion with the inauguration of its new Ross GP hatchery in Kot Monin. When Aviagen signed a contract with Jadeed Farms to supply Ross GP, Mr. Jan Muhammad Javaid, President of the company, opted for Chick Master Avida Single Stage incubation systems along with a Central Ventilation System that includes Heat Recovery and Energy Management.  Mr. Javaid saw the advantages of a ‘Hatchery in Harmony’.  The Chick Master technical team worked closely with Jadeed Farms to define and design a state of the art hatchery. The hatchery was inaugurated and began its operations in March of this year.

When selecting the equipment for the hatchery Jadeed wanted to have Avida single stage incubators to get the best hatchability and chick quality along with keeping sanitation processes at a high level for the production of parent stock. The addition of the ventilation system with heat recovery was to recognize the importance of managing energy costs to lower the overall cost per breeder being produced.

Jadeed Farms is a well-recognized business in Pakistan and a long-time customer of Chick Master. They have four broiler hatcheries as well as the new GP hatchery.

We congratulate and wish Jadeed Farms and Mr. Javaid much success with their new expansion into parent production and for having a Hatchery in Harmony