Islamabad Farms are first in Pakistan with Symphony and ROCK

For many years, Chick Master has been the recognized leader for poultry incubation systems in Pakistan. Our Classic incubator has been the standard for most hatcheries for over 35 years, but as with many countries today the desire to use single stage incubators in commercial hatcheries is continually growing. There are now several hatcheries in Pakistan using Avida incubators, but Islamabad Farms are the first to have the Avida Symphony with ROCK control.

To help support the new installation, Chick Master’s Hatchery Specialist, Richard Dix travelled to Pakistan to assist with the start-up and training. Switching from multi-stage to single stage requires some learning and changes in paradigms, but using the ROCK controls Islamabad Farms will benefit from the many features this new system has to offer. The intuitive control maintains running temperatures based on feedback from the temperature of the egg mass. Using PID controls and modulating solenoids, ROCK adjusts the setter and hatcher conditions automatically and more precisely than other controllers that simply switch on and off based on information from sensors. The automatic feedback and modulating features produces lower energy costs and a more stable incubation environment that results in healthier and more chicks ready to grow faster on the farms. We thank Islamabad Farms for their continued confidence in Chick Master Avida incubators and for leading the way for other hatcheries to pursue a Hatchery in Harmony.

Picture:- Islamabad Farms hatchery team with Richard Dix of Chick Master