Hatchery in Harmony Seminars in Philippines

During the week of November 13, we were excited and pleased to host two hatchery seminars in the Philippines. The first seminar had over 100 attendees from a wide range of Philippine companies. Our second event was organized for one of our oldest customers in the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation. The all-day event included presentations by our Chick Master Hatchery Support Team about using our latest technology to maximize hatchery performance. Richard Dix and Rui Silva discussed the use of the Avida Symphony, ROCK controls, CC3, and Aria systems to obtain a healthy chick, uniform hatches, and well ventilated facilities in tropical areas using Chick Master ventilation products. Dr. Mike Wineland showed the needs of the embryo during the incubation process to better understand the objectives in single stage incubation.

Our Master of Ceremonies, David Buessing, helped host the Chick Master events along with our Sales Representative in the Philippines, Royal Veterinary Services. It was a very educational day and a great way to share with our good friends in the Philippines the tools we have to offer with Chick Master incubation and ventilation systems.