Hatcheries Grow with CC3’s

We have recently commissioned two more CC3’s in Europe and South America. Blenta in Sweden has just added a third CC3 to their hatchery to provide proper ventilation and energy management to their recent expansion. Although they use incubators from a competitor, they see the value of the CC3 with any incubation system as it maintains room temperatures and reduces operating costs. It is a great testament to the success of the CC3 that they now have three at their hatchery.

La Calera in Peru has also just completed the installation of a CC3 for their hatchery. Although quite a different environment to Sweden, the CC3 adapts to any climate condition to offer heat recovery in colder conditions and dehumidification in more tropical areas. La Calera is the first to invest in a CC3 in Peru, but we have a growing market throughout Latin America as more hatcheries recognize the importance of ventilation and reducing energy costs.

From Mexico to Chile, we have successfully commissioned CC3’s with more on their way in the coming months. Many hatcheries using multi-stage Classic systems are upgrading their hatchery ventilation, while new hatcheries with Avida single stage incubators are also using the CC3 and Aria systems combined. In all cases, they are achieving a Hatchery in Harmony.