Hatch Queen Celebrate the Successful Inauguration of their New Hatchery

Congratulations to Hatch Queen for the successful inauguration of their new hatchery situated in Bicol, Philippines. The new facility that sets 1 million eggs per week features Chick Master’s Avida Symphony setters and hatchers with ROCK controls.

The hatchery was built as a toll facility for San Miguel Foods and is owned by Ms. Joy Tamayo who also owns several ice plants, processing plants and broiler farms in the Philippines.

The key to a successful hatchery is a proven incubation system that works in conjunction with good ventilation. Hatch Queen have achieved that goal by adding the easy to maintain and reliable CC3 (Climate Control System) that recaptures heat from the incubators while managing temperature, pressure and humidity to create the ideal room conditions. The net result is a better quality chick produced at a lower cost.

We thank Hatch Queen and owner Ms. Joy Tamayo for their continued partnership with Chick Master and wish them every success with their new hatchery.