Euroagricola Hatchery Expands in Italy

About ten years ago, Avizoo, one of the leading poultry companies in Italy, decided to upgrade its hatchery with Chick Master Avida incubators. The hatchery, operating under the name Euroagricola, has since grown and recently completed its latest expansion. “We are honored to continue our long relationship with Euroagricola” commented Robert Holzer, President of Chick Master. “We met many years ago with the executives of this company at the VIV in Utrecht for the first time. I feel personally committed since then to make our working together successful. Our agent in Italy, Pierluigi Salvi, has built great trust between our companies and this recent expansion shows how important these relationships are to Chick Master.”

The contract was signed in spring of 2017 and the equipment was shipped, installed and commissioned on time as agreed. They are now producing chicks and giving Euroagricola a Hatchery in Harmony. 

In picture: Leszek Jan Piasecki (on left), Chick Master installation technician & Sanzio Bissoni, Euroagricola Hatchery Director