Closer to You

Chick Master Incubation Company is excited to announce updates to our global parts inventory!

New Warehouse in SEA Region:

A new warehouse in Kuala Lumpur with hundreds of genuine Chick Master replacement parts will open in November, 2020. This new location will allow customers in the Asia Pacific region to order parts in smaller batches, with quicker delivery, and without incurring freight and import costs from the US.

Increased Inventory in EU Region:

During the month of September Chick Master increased the inventory in our Somerset, UK warehouse, doubling down on both our inventory and our commitment to serve our valued customers better in this region and delivering essential items without delay.

As we bring genuine parts CLOSER TO YOU, our best in class 18-month warranty comes right along with them.

Contact us today to order your genuine Chick Master parts: | +1(330)722-5591 |

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