We welcome our new Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Agents to the team

When Jamesway and Chick Master joined to become Jamesway Chick Master Incubator, there was some concern that one product line might dominate another. We are pleased to say that this will not be the case, and are in the process of transforming current agents into dual agents for both products.

We welcome aboard the first teams:

Agri-Avi – Mexico
Incubamaster – Mexico
PIS – Dominican Republic and Central America
Aditmaq – Ecuador
Novagri – Chile
Angora – Turkey
Great Pyramid – Oman
Agritech – Australia

You are invited to a Jamesway Chick Master Webinar

As you may know Jamesway and Chick Master have joined forces, resulting in the combined power of two world class brands – which will benefit everyone, especially our customers!

As one team, Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Inc. (JCMI) delivers a world-class portfolio of products, processes and people which we are applying to all aspects of our business.

One of the most significant advantages is our huge pool of shared knowledge, as our service and consulting teams join forces. With this we have created a New Webinar Wednesday session which combines Chick Master’s Tech Tuesday and Jamesway’s Webinar Wednesdays into a more robust webinar schedule.

These monthly shared sessions, usually on the second Wednesday of every month will be presented in English at 11 AM (EST) and Spanish at 1 PM (EST) and feature topics and information that are designed for the entire poultry industry and not specific to an incubator brand. We will have guests from the industry and feature the issues that are relevant to your hatchery.

We will also continue to offer separate and targeted Jamesway and Chick Master webinars every other month, designed to help you manage your specific machines.

Please join us for our first JCMI combined webinar next Wednesday, Ventilation in your Hallways and Plenums: an Opportunity, featuring Ventilation Specialist Rui Silva and will investigate how to best manage the air surrounding your machines.

Please register for Wednesday’s Webinar on January 20, 2021 at 11 a.m. EST using this link:

Ventilation in your Hallways and Plenums: an Opportunity

For the Spanish version at 13 de enero de 2021, 1 p.m. EST please use this link:

Ventilación de salas y plenum: una oportunidad

Thank you,
Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Inc. Marketing

Closer to You

Chick Master Incubation Company is excited to announce updates to our global parts inventory!

New Warehouse in SEA Region:

A new warehouse in Kuala Lumpur with hundreds of genuine Chick Master replacement parts will open in November, 2020. This new location will allow customers in the Asia Pacific region to order parts in smaller batches, with quicker delivery, and without incurring freight and import costs from the US.

Increased Inventory in EU Region:

During the month of September Chick Master increased the inventory in our Somerset, UK warehouse, doubling down on both our inventory and our commitment to serve our valued customers better in this region and delivering essential items without delay.

As we bring genuine parts CLOSER TO YOU, our best in class 18-month warranty comes right along with them.

Contact us today to order your genuine Chick Master parts:

orders@chickmaster.com | +1(330)722-5591 | parts.chickmaster.com

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JAMESWAY and CHICK MASTER Incubator Companies – June 22, 2020

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TBG, the parent company of Chick Master, Jamesway and Petersime, has been active in the poultry industry since 1982. With other businesses in the food and poultry sector, including Moba, TBG holds a strategy of creating long-term value by establishing leadership in various B2B market segments.

Considering poultry equipment as an attractive market segment for sustainable, long-term growth, TBG is committed to further invest in the business to provide the world-wide customer base of Chick Master, Jamesway and Petersime with high quality hatchery solutions and unequalled service levels.

Acquiring the shares of Chick Master Incubator Company in 2018, has been an important milestone in the development of the Hatchery Division of TBG. After having dedicated the last two years to reinforcing the sales and service teams at both Jamesway and Chick Master, we are now ready to set the next step in the Hatchery Division’s development.

In our pursuit to provide our customers with industry-leading products and services, the two North American-based businesses, Jamesway and Chick Master, will be integrating to create a new stronger, world-class organization.

“As we move forward, we will remain strongly committed to continue offering our two distinct, successful brands,” said Paul Degraeve, CEO of the Hatchery Division of TBG. “Chick Master and Jamesway each have unique value propositions that our loyal customers have come to expect.”

The move, to be completed by March 2021, will establish a new combined headquarters and manufacturing operations physically integrated at the existing Jamesway facility in Cambridge Ontario. While the integration will include procurement, quality, finance, human resources and IT, a U.S. office will continue to be maintained in the Medina Ohio area.

In addition to the manufacturing and operations integration, we will be enhancing our supply chain capabilities to better meet our customers’ needs globally. The first advancements of this will be the implementation of integrated parts fulfillment centers, moving into Southeast Asia and the Southern United States, to begin later this year. We are strongly committed to bring our parts and service capabilities closer to our customer base.

Finally, this transformation will include bringing the two distinct brands into a greater commercial organization. The new global front-end commercial structure will be designed and shaped with key participation and engagement from our existing commercial team leaders. Planning of this phase will begin later this year with implementation starting by March 2021.

The new combined organization, to be known as ‘Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Company’, will be led by Denis Kan, with continued strong support from Nate Goodnow. During the transition, the businesses will continue normal operations, with Nate leading Chick Master and Denis leading Jamesway.

We are extremely excited about the transformation that we are embarking upon to provide even greater value to our Jamesway and Chick Master customers and to extend our position as a global leading partner to the poultry and hatchery industry.

denis signature

Jamesway Incubator Company

nate sigature
Chick Master Incubator Company

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Chick Master Coronavirus Update

As Chick Master Incubation Company is considered a part of the country’s essential infrastructure for food production, our company and operations remain fully open.

Chick Master is committed to closely monitoring and actively evaluating how to ensure not only the wellbeing of our team members, but also the continuity of supply to our global customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Like most essential businesses we have taken measures to protect the health and welfare of our employees and implemented remote work environments to the fullest extent.

Our normal means to connect with Chick Master are still fully in place. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful information and critical parts in support of our essential operations.

+1 (330) 722-5591
Customer service: orders@chickmaster.com
Technical Support: support@chickmaster.com

Chick Master considers your companies necessary to operate our essential business. As such, it is important to ensure your firms are capable of supplying our component needs. Please work proactively with our procurement team and notify us immediately of any potential disruptions in your supply chain.

As this continues to be a very dynamic situation, any updates or changes to this status will be communicated as soon as possible.

Nate Goodnow
President, Chick Master


We had great success at the Chick Master YOUR HATCHERY seminar held this month in Lima, Peru, prior to the El Ovum tradeshow. This was a great opportunity to bring together customers, friends and partners from all over Latin America to share the latest news from Chick Master and the experiences of some of our customers. We thank you all for your presence and look forward to the next event!

Technical Training Seminar – Vietnam

Thank you to all who attended our technical training seminar hosted at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The 3-day event designed to bring the regions technicians up to speed on current Chick Master technology and service programs proved to be a great success, and included hands-on training and a tour of a local hatchery, Vietswan.

38 people attended, including representatives from PT ADA, KSP Thailand, P & N Vietnam and Royal Vet Philippines. We are excited about the positive energy generated and the chance to further establish long-lasting partnerships to better support our customers in the region.