Cargill Service Visit in China

Seven years ago, Cargill decided to invest by building a new hatchery in Anhui, China using ChickMaster Avida setters and hatchers. The hatchery also installed a ventilation system designed by ChickMaster that includes our unique heat recovery package. Since its startup, we have continued to maintain our good relationship with the hatchery team in Anhui by making on-site service visits and by reviewing operations remotely via internet. A few weeks ago, our Hatchery Specialist and Project Manager, Richard Dix, visited with the hatchery to see the current operations and to help with training of new staff. “The hatchery continues to run well with excellent results and great chick quality”, reported Richard. “They have a team that are focused on constant improvement.” He was able to review a few areas to seek further efficiency with the local staff.

Cargill is known worldwide and has several poultry operations around the globe with hatcheries using ChickMaster incubators. The hatchery in China is a fine example of a Hatchery in Harmony.