Cairo Poultry Expands Grandparent Hatchery

Several years ago, Cairo Poultry built a new hatchery to produce parent stock with Avida setters and hatchers. Earlier this year, the company completed the expansion of this hatchery with new Avida Symphony setters and hatchers. They had previously visited our facilities in England and after reviewing the Symphony model they liked the upgrades and improvements implemented with these models, including the S-turning system (floor mounted by section). During this process our Sales Representative in Egypt, Commercial Group, assisted the hatchery team of Cairo Poultry. In addition to the incubators we also provided the ventilation for their expansion that is controlled by Zeus Ventilation Controllers.

The expansion was recently commissioned and is now producing top quality parent stock to provide for their customers. The hatchery uses the Avida Symphony ASy8-165 setters, each with a capacity of 42,240 eggs, and AH128 hatchers with Genesis IV controls connected to Maestro. We thank Cairo Poultry for their long-term relationship with ChickMaster and congratulate them on their continued growth and expansion to service the Egyptian market.