Bromley Park Inaugurates New Hatchery in New Zealand

After many months of planning and construction, the new Bromley Park hatchery was inaugurated in late September. Brent Williams, General Manager of Bromley Park Hatcheries Ltd., presided over the opening ceremonies attended by the company directors and invited guests. The hatchery includes Avida setters and Zephyr hatchers supported by a CC3-GL Ventilation Package. Bromley Park included the heat recovery feature with the CC3-GL to reduce their energy costs as well as have a more environmentally friendly system to supply ventilation and room pressures for the hatchery.

The construction and planning of this new facility were accomplished by combined efforts of Bromley Park and ChickMaster along with our local representative, Peter Mathews of Australian Agricultural Services. We are very proud and pleased to have been selected as the supplier of the hatchery incubation and ventilation equipment. We wish Bromley Park many years of success with its new hatchery and look forward to expanding our relationship in the years to come.