About Chick Master


With a long history of quality and innovation, Chick Master is an established premium brand known as the benchmark in the poultry incubation industry.

With over 80 years’ experience, Chick Master continues its commitment to providing superior quality hatchery equipment worldwide. Today with our long-lasting expertise we offer our customers elite incubation systems like the Avida Symphony, CC3 and Modular ventilation solutions, complementary management equipment like the Maestro and Zeus RiO, and control upgrades that are specifically designed to achieve optimal hatchability and chick quality in the most efficient and cost effective way.

No other incubation manufacturer can offer the range of products and customer support like Chick Master. Whether you need a small or large incubator, for almost any commercial application, we have a proven system to offer. This includes commercial broilers and layers, but also turkeys, ducks and laboratories. Chick Master can also offer equipment for primary and secondary incubation for vaccine production. Our product range includes multi-stage and single-stage setters that utilize the latest technology and controls to give every customer the tools required to run a modern hatchery. We believe the investment in incubation equipment is one that should last for many years. As technology changes, we continue to look for opportunities to upgrade existing systems and integrate new design advances.

With global recognition of our products, more than 25 authorized Sales Representatives worldwide and manufacturing facilities in both the United States and United Kingdom, we continue our dedication and commitment to ensure ‘Your hatchery is our priority’.

Our commitment to industry-leading innovation began more than 80 years ago and has evolved into a world-class organization that meets the needs and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s poultry hatcheries worldwide.

Company Timeline

1939 – Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, as a leader in developing large capacity “mammoth” incubators. The company’s sales grew worldwide through the efforts of its international sales distributor, E. Holzer Incorporated, owned by Erich Holzer.

1974 – Mr. Holzer purchased Chick Master.

1976 – Headquarters were relocated to its present factory in Medina, Ohio. The company grew in volume and in geography with strong sales of its Classic incubation systems worldwide.

1998 – Expansion of product lines and presence to the European market. Under its second generation of management, Robert Holzer purchased Buckeye Incubator Company based in England and La Nationale in France. The unified company expanded its product lines in both multi and single stage incubators. Increased sales created the need for a larger and more modern facility.

2001 – Chick Master UK moved into its current home in Bridgwater, England. This is the current center for European sales and service. Chick Master acquired the rights to manufacture Cumberland incubators that later resulted in the establishment of the Smith line of systems. Smith systems were compatible with equipment offered by other incubator companies since Cumberland manufactured these systems under license before becoming independent. Today the Avida S line is the next generation of Smith systems.

2004 – Recognizing the market demand for a better single stage system, Chick Master introduced the Avida setter as its next generation of all-in, all-out systems. The Avida is unique, with its single trolley design and turning system placed outside the machine for easy maintenance and has proven itself worldwide as the best-producing incubator available.

2006 – Chick Master customers began to seek better solutions for hatchery ventilation and energy management. After developing an innovative Heat Recovery technology that reuses the energy generated from the incubation process, Chick Master worked closely with several customers to install these systems into new and existing facilities. The Heat Recovery systems immediately provided significant energy savings while reducing the carbon footprint.

2007 – Chick Master was honored to supply the incubation equipment and complete ventilation and energy management system for the largest hatchery in Europe.

2008 – Chick Master heat recovery energy management systems were being used in hatcheries in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

The reversing fan concept introduced by Chick Master was inspired by the introduction of variable frequency drives in Avida single stage setters. These VFD’s adjust fan speeds for lower energy consumption and improved environmental control.

2009  Once again Chick Master delivers on an industry need for quick warmup after setting through the addition of hot water heating using the copper coils in the setter. The hot water system raised temperature within hours after setting, resulting in improved hatch results and a tighter hatch window.

2010 – Chick Master introduces a revolutionary change in how to manage the hatchery environment with the installation of the first CC3 Climate Control System. A complete ventilation system prepared for installation outside the hatchery for simpler ventilation and management. The system includes heat recovery from the hot water of incubators managed by CM Zeus controls. Now close to 50 in operation around the world.

Responding to the need for easier egg transport and use with automated loading systems, Chick Master also unveiled the 82-egg tray. With a two per tray frame, the easy to handle tray was quickly accepted by customers in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Chick Master also developed the Zeus Ventilation Control package, including the Master and Rio units, to better control the room environments of all hatcheries. This has proved to be a better method of maintaining each room in the hatchery with a more efficient management of temperature and humidity.

2013 – Chick Master consolidates UK operations, the centre for ventilation excellence and supply of equipment to the EC market, into our current Bridgwater Somerset facility.

2015 – Featuring Avida S turning and over 20 other improvements, Chick Master introduces the Avida Symphony setter and hatcher, proving once again that Chick Master has its finger on the pulse of industry needs.

Built around the design of the CC3, Chick Master proudly introduces the Modular Ventilation System. Aria simplifies the total ventilation package removing the need to have roof mounted air handling units.

Chick Master announces the consolidation of sales operations to their Medina, Ohio facility, making it the centre of excellence for all Chick Master product sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

2016 – Introduction of the new Avida Symphony with ROCK control. After over two years of development and testing, the ROCK control added a new dimension to the successful performance of the Avida single stage incubators. Greater and more control of the setter temperatures with reduced energy consumption combine with a control that manages temperatures based on set points and the egg mass. The ROCK incorporates many new features making it the best control today for producing uniform and high quality hatches.

2017 – The new GeMeric 3 was introduced at the IPPE in Atlanta. This new upgrade is the next generation of control improvements for Classic setters and hatchers. It features a better touch screen and improved PID technology.

Chick Master received the order for our 75th CC3 proving that the CC3 is well accepted and a proven energy management solution.