We’ve Been Busy . . .

Dear Friends,

We have been very busy and working tirelessly on customer service improvements. Last week marks the first Sales Meeting that Chick Master hosted that brought together all of our Sales Managers, Service Engineers, Hatchery Specialists, Sales Coordinators, our facility management and executives to our Medina branch. We’re listening and our focus is YOU.

During the week event, we covered products updates, marketing and sales goals for the upcoming year, reviewed new product innovation underway, the breakdown of how we are going to increase our inventory, educated our new team members on the incubation and ventilation process. We had our veteran sales managers give an overview to all regarding their specific territories. It was overwhelming to hear some of the feedback but what came out of it was a team bonding together and coming to the conclusion that the decisions we make as a company has to be directly linked to the feedback from you, our valued customers and friends.

You’ve requested many things, and now we are being proactive to insure that we are meeting your needs. Of course, this is a massive transformation for our company, which is why we are all working together and using our global presence and relationships with our many territory agents to bring Chick Master to a new life while incorporating the core values of the past with the needs of our current customers and friends.

We have a lot to show you and would like the opportunity to introduce you to the many new faces that have recently joined our ever growing Chick Master team. Please join us at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) on Feb. 12th, 2019.

Best Regards,

Federico Sanchez
Vice President of Sales & Marketing