Upcoming Webinars

We are excited to bring you informative and interactive Technical Webinars hosted by our seasoned Chick Master team members!

Hatchery Sanitation

July 7th – English

July 14th – Spanish – Registrese Aquí


  • What does ‘clean’ look like?
  • Which products and processes to avoid
  • When to clean

Secrets to using Maestro

August 4th – English – Register Here

August 11th – Spanish – Registrese Aquí


  • Ensuring you are running the latest version
  • How to get the most from graphing
  • Using the scheduler
  • Alarm System – how and why?

Chick Grading

September 1st – English – Registration coming

September 8th – Spanish – Registration coming


  • Creating a Baseline – why and how often?
  • How to carry out grading – what to record?
  • What am I seeing – what does it mean?
  • How to correct common issues

How to achieve great Calibration

October 6th – English – Registration coming

October 13th – Spanish – Registration coming


  • When to carry out Calibration?
  • What does bad Calibration look like?
  • How does bad Calibration happen?
  • How to carry out good Calibration

Chick Master Part Store

November 3rd – English – Registration coming

November 10th – Spanish – Registration coming


  • Setting up as a new user
  • Site navigation
  • My account

Humidity and Weight Loss

December 1st – English – Registration coming

December 8th – Spanish – Registration coming


  • Target weight loss?
  • What impacts weight loss?
  • How and when to alter weight loss?
  • Common issues