Classic Setter

The Classic Multi-Stage Setter has a proven performance record that yields high-quality chicks. With a simple, reliable, energy efficient design, the Classic Multi-Stage Setter is an excellent choice for current and future chick production.

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  • Unique setting pattern, temperature zone control and high capacity water cooling creates a balanced internal environment to produce high quality chicks while saving energy
  • Exhaust system with multiple ports Evenly dissipates embryonic heat
  • Central access corridor allows easy access to facilitate maintenance
  • Genesis IV Control provides access to any feature of the setter through the intuitive touch screen
  • Optional Provides control through optional Genesis M (GeM) with PID and LED indicator lights is user-friendly and economical
  • The Classic setter pairs perfectly with the Avida Hatcher or the CVH Hatcher

CVH Hatchers

The CVH Hatcher System features an easy access rollout fan design for effortless cleaning. The redesigned fan frame reduces chick down in the cooling coils, maintaining cooling capacity throughout the entire hatch cycle.