Performance Upgrades

Two Zone Cooling Upgrade Kit
Install two highly efficient copper cooling coils to create individually controlled sections that result in better hatchability and significant energy savings

Exhaust Upgrade Kit
Revitalize older setter to the latest Chick Master design specification for improved performance and profitability

Ventilation Upgrade Kit (with Vosterman’s Fan Boards and Fans)
Improve your airflow, energy consumption, biosecurity and maintenance by removing copper ducts and wooden fan boards

Ventilation Upgrade Kit (without Fan Boards)
Enhance your current Chick Master setter with the latest technology in humidity and heating plus remove existing copper ducts for optimal setter hygiene, airflow, and performance

CVH Fan Frame Upgrade Kit
Increases airflow through hatcher baskets and creates more efficient water cooling, while eliminating chick down build-up on copper coils and maximizing chick comfort for an optimal hatch

Plastic Fan Board (for Classic Setters)
Replace outdated wooden fan boards with bio-secure plastic fan boards

Power Master Motor
To maintain our commitment to excellence in customer service we went to the Power Master for all new setters and have now developed an upgrade kit to convert older setters. This efficient and durable motor keeps the turning system active for 24 hours per day.

Belimo Damper Kit:
Provides enhanced control over setter airflow and humidity and offers an excellent combination with the GeMeric 2.

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