Bill Dilworth Joins our Team as Service Manager for the Americas

We are pleased to welcome Bill Dilworth to our Service team. Bill is based in our Medina offices. He is responsible for coordinating our installation of incubation and ventilation equipment in the Americas. Bill brings to Chick Master many years of experience in managing maintenance operations and project management.  He has HVAC certification that is very valuable in the support of our growing installed base of CC3’s and Aria systems.

Bill has a strong dedicated team based in Medina, USA and Latin America that assist customers with the installation of Chick Master equipment. “I am excited to join this company and a new industry”, stated Bill. “I have learned that Chick Master values its customer relationships and values the importance of service in strengthening the trust of our customers. I look forward to building on that process.” Bill will also work closely with our UK Service Team as part of our global effort and commitment to customer service and support.

Hatcheries Grow with CC3’s

We have recently commissioned two more CC3’s in Europe and South America. Blenta in Sweden has just added a third CC3 to their hatchery to provide proper ventilation and energy management to their recent expansion. Although they use incubators from a competitor, they see the value of the CC3 with any incubation system as it maintains room temperatures and reduces operating costs. It is a great testament to the success of the CC3 that they now have three at their hatchery.

La Calera in Peru has also just completed the installation of a CC3 for their hatchery. Although quite a different environment to Sweden, the CC3 adapts to any climate condition to offer heat recovery in colder conditions and dehumidification in more tropical areas. La Calera is the first to invest in a CC3 in Peru, but we have a growing market throughout Latin America as more hatcheries recognize the importance of ventilation and reducing energy costs.

From Mexico to Chile, we have successfully commissioned CC3’s with more on their way in the coming months. Many hatcheries using multi-stage Classic systems are upgrading their hatchery ventilation, while new hatcheries with Avida single stage incubators are also using the CC3 and Aria systems combined. In all cases, they are achieving a Hatchery in Harmony.

Enrique Becerra joins Chick Master LA Sales Team

We are pleased to announce that Enrique Becerra is now part of our Sales Team for Latin America. Enrique formerly worked for our representative in Mexico, CB Equipos. He will continue to live in Guadalajara, but his responsibilities will include sales in Central America and the northern areas of South America.

Enrique is part of the sales team that is directed by Federico Sanchez. “Enrique has good knowledge already of our incubators and ventilation products from our sales in Mexico”, commented Federico. “He originally worked with equipment installation and then moved to sales so he is very familiar with the technical advantages of systems. He will be able to apply that experience in other countries where we want to improve our customer contact and have many longtime customers.” 

We welcome Enrique to the Chick Master team.

+52 1 33 1863 3688

Euroagricola Hatchery Expands in Italy

About ten years ago, Avizoo, one of the leading poultry companies in Italy, decided to upgrade its hatchery with Chick Master Avida incubators. The hatchery, operating under the name Euroagricola, has since grown and recently completed its latest expansion. “We are honored to continue our long relationship with Euroagricola” commented Robert Holzer, President of Chick Master. “We met many years ago with the executives of this company at the VIV in Utrecht for the first time. I feel personally committed since then to make our working together successful. Our agent in Italy, Pierluigi Salvi, has built great trust between our companies and this recent expansion shows how important these relationships are to Chick Master.”

The contract was signed in spring of 2017 and the equipment was shipped, installed and commissioned on time as agreed. They are now producing chicks and giving Euroagricola a Hatchery in Harmony. 

In picture: Leszek Jan Piasecki (on left), Chick Master installation technician & Sanzio Bissoni, Euroagricola Hatchery Director

Jakarta Indonesia Seminar Presents Hatchery in Harmony

Chick Master organized a Hatchery in Harmony seminar in Jakarta on November 16th. With more than 100 in attendance, the seminar continued to support our commitment to educate our customers and empower them with the necessary tools to utilize our products and services to their full potential.

In collaboration with our local Sales Representative in Indonesia, PT Gemilang, we were able to engage and discuss with current and future customers the objectives of a quality incubation process, and how our Avida and Energy Management Systems achieve those parameters. We were very pleased with the overwhelming turnout and wish to thank all participants for making it such a great event.

Hatchery in Harmony Seminars in Philippines

During the week of November 13, we were excited and pleased to host two hatchery seminars in the Philippines. The first seminar had over 100 attendees from a wide range of Philippine companies. Our second event was organized for one of our oldest customers in the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation. The all-day event included presentations by our Chick Master Hatchery Support Team about using our latest technology to maximize hatchery performance. Richard Dix and Rui Silva discussed the use of the Avida Symphony, ROCK controls, CC3, and Aria systems to obtain a healthy chick, uniform hatches, and well ventilated facilities in tropical areas using Chick Master ventilation products. Dr. Mike Wineland showed the needs of the embryo during the incubation process to better understand the objectives in single stage incubation.

Our Master of Ceremonies, David Buessing, helped host the Chick Master events along with our Sales Representative in the Philippines, Royal Veterinary Services. It was a very educational day and a great way to share with our good friends in the Philippines the tools we have to offer with Chick Master incubation and ventilation systems.

Medina Offices Get a New Look

We recently did some remodeling and organizing in our Medina USA offices. To put working groups together, we moved all of the Customer Service Group to be sitting together with new furniture and surroundings. We think this will allow for better information exchange and ability to give better service to our customers. This includes a team dedicated to Latin America that all speak Spanish as well as others who work with sales managers in other territories around the world. We also moved our Engineering Group to a new area of the building to give them more privacy and space. The objective was to create a better work area for all within their areas of responsibilities. The factory in Medina was built in 1976 and today has over 100 people dedicated to the sales, service and manufacturing of incubators, replacement parts, and our unique ventilation products manufactured in Bridgwater, England.

Avida Academy in Medina

During the week of October 2nd, we held our Avida Academy to offer training to 17 different individuals from Chick Master customers around the world. Their companies have recently invested in new Avida incubators. As part of our commitment to training, we include the invitation to attend this three day school about embryology, incubation process, hatchery ventilation, routine maintenance and equipment management. There was a practical session on the use of Maestro software to maximize hatchery performance. We had several presenters during the school that was organized and led by Chad Daniels of Chick Master. On the program was Dr. Mike Wineland, a hatchery consultant and well respected professor of poultry science, Dr. Carolina Diaz, Richard Dix, Rui Silva, Cody Terry, and Paul Rummer, all members of the Chick Master team from USA, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. They each gave presentations as part of this program and we thank them for their important contribution.

On the final day, the group visited a hatchery to see the Avida Symphony with Rock controls in operation. There was an egg breakout session to learn the importance of recognizing the signs of incubation that one can learn by doing this regularly. The group was also able to see a new CC3 ready to be put into use to manage the room environments and reduce energy costs with heat recovery.

There was great comradery with the group both during the daily agenda and in the evening activities that included some magical entertainment. We thank those that participated in the Academy and took the time to spend most of the week with us at our Ohio home. We feel that this event is one that is an important and valuable component in making the investment in Chick Master Avida systems successful and in obtaining a Hatchery in Harmony.

Anakciano in Philippines Commissions New Hatchery

The growth and demand for chicken continues in Southeast Asia. Anakciano Inc. based in Cagayan de Oro has just inaugurated its new hatchery using Avida setters and hatchers. After careful study and comparisons, the decision was made to use Avida S model setters with 18 trolleys and Avida hatchers. “We worked closely with Anakciano to design this new hatchery based on their desire for top quality chicks”, commented Roy Santos, Chick Master Sales Representative in the Philippines, “They have been a great partner and it shows in this new hatchery.”

After committing to the Avida systems, Marilyn Unabia Martinez came to Medina, Ohio in the fall of 2016 to participate in our Avida Academy. During the three day event, Marilyn heard not only from Chick Master technical staff but also from other attendees about the value and benefits of a CC3 Ventilation System. Four weeks later, Anakciano committed to putting in a CC3 to manage the room environments. The hatchery has the combination of Avida single stage incubators and the CC3 to manage the room environments that reduces hatchery operating costs while producing excellent quality and quantity chicks. We appreciate the confidence that Anakciano has with Chick Master and congratulate them for having a Hatchery in Harmony.

Photo:-  Anakciano team with Richard Dix, Chick Master Hatchery Specialist, after commissioning the CC3

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