The New Plastic Tank for Ultrasonic Humidification in Classic Setters

We are introducing the new plastic reservoir tank for the Ultrasonic Humidity System used in Classics. We recognized that the stainless steel tank that sounded great when first introduced, did not always stand up to the challenges of water quality in the hatchery. This new plastic tank is designed to be more durable than not only the stainless steel tank, but also more than those offered by our competitors. Made from deep draw vacuum forming it is essentially unbreakable, as proven in our testing. We filled the tank with water and dropped it on a cement block, and the only damage was a couple of scuff marks from the impact.

The competition’s tank is made from hard plastic sheet. The parts are cut to size and either glued or sonically welded together. In our development and testing we worked with a customer that had tanks from a competitor and our new plastic tank. They showed us how the competitor’s tank becomes brittle and starts to come apart, causing leaks. Our new tank held up to the test and showed no signs of wear over many months of testing. We had found a better solution. Customers will also find this upgrade to the original tank to be easier to clean and repair due to being clear in color and easily disassembled. An improvement for all new incubators and all Classics that are in operation today.

Special introductory Offer

The Ultrasonic tank has the part no. 640D-34-4972. The list price for the tank is US$275. It is shipped with all new Classics starting in June 2017 and is also available as a replacement part. FOR A LIMITED TIME we are offering this new tank at a special price of $220 each. That’s a 20% discount from the regular list price. The new tank can be used with any existing Ultrasonic system supplied by ChickMaster.

Contact our sales department ( for more information or to place an order.