Mar-Jac Poultry Rocks with New Hatchery

The planning of a new hatchery takes time and involves many choices. When Mar-Jac Poultry decided on its new hatchery in Alabama, they selected our Avida Symphony 24-trolley setters holding 126,000 eggs and our two-zone Avida hatchers each with 63,000 egg capacity. Both setters and hatchers include our latest ‘ROCK’ controls.

When the hatchery was in the planning stages we were still in the development stage of our new ROCK control. Originally the decision was to use our Genesis IV controls that have been used on our equipment for many years. After completing our testing, we showed the Mar-Jac team the benefits that ROCK has to offer. Many months later, the hatchery is in the installation phase and these new setters and hatchers are being built for production later in 2017. Bill Boden, Service Manager for ChickMaster, commented, “We have been planning this for many months and the Mar-Jac team have been great to work with. We have our technicians working on-site daily and also support the installation team with different people from engineering. This is a really big hatchery and we want to meet the expectations and trust that Mar-Jac has placed in ChickMaster.”  

Lou Sharp, Vice President for North American Sales, stated, “We have a number of new hatcheries and expansions worldwide being built this year with Avida Symphony setters and hatchers with ROCK controls. I was impressed how quickly our customers decided to embrace this new technology and I am excited to see the Mar-Jac hatchery being built. It will be one of, if not the, most modern hatchery in the US once it is completed.” 

We thank Mar-Jac for their many years of support of ChickMaster and its decision to build a Hatchery in Harmony with Avida Symphony incubation systems.

Cairo Poultry Expands Grandparent Hatchery

Several years ago, Cairo Poultry built a new hatchery to produce parent stock with Avida setters and hatchers. Earlier this year, the company completed the expansion of this hatchery with new Avida Symphony setters and hatchers. They had previously visited our facilities in England and after reviewing the Symphony model they liked the upgrades and improvements implemented with these models, including the S-turning system (floor mounted by section). During this process our Sales Representative in Egypt, Commercial Group, assisted the hatchery team of Cairo Poultry. In addition to the incubators we also provided the ventilation for their expansion that is controlled by Zeus Ventilation Controllers.

The expansion was recently commissioned and is now producing top quality parent stock to provide for their customers. The hatchery uses the Avida Symphony ASy8-165 setters, each with a capacity of 42,240 eggs, and AH128 hatchers with Genesis IV controls connected to Maestro. We thank Cairo Poultry for their long-term relationship with ChickMaster and congratulate them on their continued growth and expansion to service the Egyptian market.

ChickMaster E-news now is Quarterly

In the past year, we sent out our E-news on a monthly basis. The subject matter has ranged from technical articles about embryology, ways to improve hatchery performance, and news about recent projects we have commissioned and new products we introduced. We want to keep the same focus, but not as frequently so that we have more to share in each edition. The E-news will now be issued on a quarterly basis. Our last edition was in May and is available as well as all previous editions on this website. The next E-news will be ready for distribution in September. Look for it on our website, or if you have signed up to receive it, in your inbox.

Cargill Service Visit in China

Seven years ago, Cargill decided to invest by building a new hatchery in Anhui, China using ChickMaster Avida setters and hatchers. The hatchery also installed a ventilation system designed by ChickMaster that includes our unique heat recovery package. Since its startup, we have continued to maintain our good relationship with the hatchery team in Anhui by making on-site service visits and by reviewing operations remotely via internet. A few weeks ago, our Hatchery Specialist and Project Manager, Richard Dix, visited with the hatchery to see the current operations and to help with training of new staff. “The hatchery continues to run well with excellent results and great chick quality”, reported Richard. “They have a team that are focused on constant improvement.” He was able to review a few areas to seek further efficiency with the local staff.

Cargill is known worldwide and has several poultry operations around the globe with hatcheries using ChickMaster incubators. The hatchery in China is a fine example of a Hatchery in Harmony.

Brüterei Süd is a Hatchery in Harmony

Wiesenhof  is the largest poultry producer in Germany and a leader in Europe in setting quality standards. In 2016, Wiesenhof completed its total renovation of the Brüterei Süd hatchery in Bavaria using ChickMaster Avida setters, hatchers and ventilation system with heat recovery. After many years of planning, this facility went through an extensive process of converting from multistage incubators to single-stage with the goal of improving chick quality, hatchability and bio-security. Mission accomplished!

On a recent trip to Europe, Chad Daniels and Andrés Fernández visited the hatchery to offer our support to this good customer. They were able to review several areas of their operation to fine-tune and gain even better results in terms of hatchery performance, while reducing operating costs. Using the tools that Avida incubators offer in conjunction with Zeus ventilation controllers and Maestro software, the team continues to gain the efficiencies that define a Hatchery in Harmony.

Picture (left to right): Chad Daniels, ChickMaster; Andreas Tischler, Hatchery Manager; Marek Pichta, Assistant Hatchery Manager; Andrés Fernández, ChickMaster.

Efrat Harmonizes with New Hatchers

Efrat Broiler Breeders, located in Hadera, Israel is a long-time user of both Classic and Avida incubation systems. We have recently commissioned new CVH model hatchers to offer improved airflow and greater energy efficiency. The hatchery will also benefit from having a Maestro system to communicate with all incubators in the hatchery, allowing for better information to improve the overall hatchery performance. The 24 hour remote access function will also allow continual monitoring of what is happening in the hatchery. We appreciate the confidence and support by Efrat as a ChickMaster customer and friend.

Picture:- Tamir, hatchery manager, in front of the new CVH hatchers

The New Plastic Tank for Ultrasonic Humidification in Classic Setters

We are introducing the new plastic reservoir tank for the Ultrasonic Humidity System used in Classics. We recognized that the stainless steel tank that sounded great when first introduced, did not always stand up to the challenges of water quality in the hatchery. This new plastic tank is designed to be more durable than not only the stainless steel tank, but also more than those offered by our competitors. Made from deep draw vacuum forming it is essentially unbreakable, as proven in our testing. We filled the tank with water and dropped it on a cement block, and the only damage was a couple of scuff marks from the impact.

The competition’s tank is made from hard plastic sheet. The parts are cut to size and either glued or sonically welded together. In our development and testing we worked with a customer that had tanks from a competitor and our new plastic tank. They showed us how the competitor’s tank becomes brittle and starts to come apart, causing leaks. Our new tank held up to the test and showed no signs of wear over many months of testing. We had found a better solution. Customers will also find this upgrade to the original tank to be easier to clean and repair due to being clear in color and easily disassembled. An improvement for all new incubators and all Classics that are in operation today.

Special introductory Offer

The Ultrasonic tank has the part no. 640D-34-4972. The list price for the tank is US$275. It is shipped with all new Classics starting in June 2017 and is also available as a replacement part. FOR A LIMITED TIME we are offering this new tank at a special price of $220 each. That’s a 20% discount from the regular list price. The new tank can be used with any existing Ultrasonic system supplied by ChickMaster.

Contact our sales department ( for more information or to place an order.

PD Hook invests in Avida hatchers for Duns

The UK’s leading day-old-chick producer PD Hook has a hatchery in Duns, Scotland. It originally had setters and hatchers of a competitor using a 150-egg tray. A few years ago, PD Hook ran a trial using a ChickMaster Avida hatcher. They quickly learned that using a better hatcher resulted in improved chick quality, better feed conversion and lower first week mortality. Since the trial, PD Hook has invested in additional ChickMaster hatchers to improve the results in this hatchery while still using the original setters.

The Avida hatcher offers better sealing and a more evenly distributed airflow. This allows for better management of the air damper when the chicks start pipping, but at the same time increases the humidity that is produced naturally to give that extra energy the chicks require to hatch in a tighter window. This process leads to chicks ready to go to the farm and start their growth cycle naturally. The key to success is always produce a chick with minimum stress that grows faster when going to the farm. The Avida hatcher is designed to meet that objective. We thank PD Hook for their confidence in ChickMaster and appreciate their recognition of the importance of a good hatcher in achieving a Hatchery in Harmony.

Atlantic Leghorn Breeders Expands

The Canadian market has a new Hatchery in Harmony. Located in New Brunswick, Atlantic Leghorn Breeders has just commissioned new Classic setters with Avida Symphony hatchers. Looking to improve efficiency, the hatchery has added the Symphony model hatchers to replace their older smaller models. These new hatchers will reduce the amount of space required in the hatcher rooms, lower the overall operating costs, and produce superior quality pullets.

“I had a fantastic group of people from the hatchery to assist me with the building of these incubators,” said Brandon Goble, ChickMaster’s installation supervisor. “I know this equipment is going to operate very well in this hatchery. They require some complicated planning due to the nature of the commercial layer business but the new incubators will give them added flexibility in their production scheduling.”

We thank Atlantic Leghorn Breeders for their support and trust in ChickMaster.

Pictured above:- The hatchery team at ALG
Pictured below:- ChickMaster’s Brandon (left) with Brad Dalrymple, Co-Owner of ALG

Iberavi in Spain selects Avida Symphony and Aria

After a devastating fire destroyed their hatchery, Iberavi has chosen to rebuild using ChickMaster Avida Symphony setters and hatchers with Rock Control and the Aria Energy Management Ventilation System. Iberavi is a joint venture hatchery of Oblanca in León, Spain and Multiave of Portugal. The team from Oblanca is responsible for managing the hatchery and chick production for the partners. After looking at their options for the reconstruction, the Iberavi management led by Javier Oblanca decided to continue with the incubators that were a proven success for them for many years.

Robert Holzer, President of ChickMaster commented, “I visited the hatchery in spring of 2016 and it was a sad event when the hatchery was lost a few months later. Once Javier Oblanca and his team were ready to plan how to replace it, we put our team together to define the project. They had offers from all our competitors but decided to work with us. We wanted to prove our commitment to working with them for the future. Contrary to rumors spread by others, ChickMaster is committed to the European market as we have been for more than 18 years. We appreciate the confidence of the Oblanca team to select us to provide a Hatchery in Harmony solution.”

The planning for the new hatchery is now fully under way. The new facility will include the Avida Symphony 18 trolley setter using our 82-egg tray and the AH384 hatcher with the 82-egg hatcher basket that is also used as a chick box. The controls will be the new Rock control that has been well received and ordered by many new hatcheries since its introduction. The hatchery will also include an Encore system (SPIDES) for long-term stored eggs and an Aria system to control the ventilation and room pressures of the entire hatchery. Featuring heat recovery and energy efficient controls, Aria will manage the room environments while reducing the overall energy consumption by utilizing the recovered heat from the setter and hatcher cooling systems.

Andrés Fernández, sales manager for Spain, stated, “This is a very exciting and important project for us that reassures our presence in the European market. On a personal level, it will allow me to work with a multidisciplinary team formed by personnel from both companies. We are very grateful for being part of this project and for working with Roberto Herreras and his team on the proper completion of the rebuild”.

Thank you to Oblanca and Iberavi for their confidence in ChickMaster.

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