Classic Series

Proven fixed rack multi-stage system recognized worldwide for its flexibility and simplicity.  A classic!!

Chick Master Classic series of Fixed Rack setters are the systems that built the Chick Master reputation. It is the simplest and most widely used system worldwide due to its forgiving and flexible design as well as superior hatching results.

The central access corridor allows for easy maintenance, cleaning, and loading without having to shut down the system or work with open doors that could allow heat to escape.

Chick Master employs a system of continuous improvement to ensure that all of its system improvements are integrated into the Classic system to keep it on the leading edge of technology. One of the significant recent changes was the removal of the air exchange ducts resulting in improved airflow and reduced maintenance.

Individual heaters mounted around the fans combined with water cooling maintain constant and consistent temperatures throughout the setter.

Humidification is controlled by the CyclomistTM system that supplies a fine mist into the airflow without the need of a compressor. In conjunction with the Genesis control system, the Classic series incorporates many of Chick Master's latest innovations while still keeping the proven design features that have made this system so successful.

The Classic series truly stands up to its name and reputation as the simplest incubation system to manage for the highest performance.

Chick Master Classic Series Setters are designed for ease of operation, maintenance and control.

Chick Master offer a wide range of tray options to suit the preferences of today's poultry industry. All trays have been designed to work with modern hatchery ventilation and vaccination systems.

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